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Prof. Ming Pang - Founder of Zhineng Qigong

Professor Ming Pang is the originator of Zhineng Qigong, and founder of the world's largest physician-staffed energy-healing hospital in China. A famous qigongist and powerful healer with rare gifts, who has studied ancient healing wisdoms since his infancy under nineteen qigong grandmasters, he is deeply versed in both Eastern and Western medicine...... More

Jane X. Jin - Translator and Co-author

Jane X. Jin, Ph.D, researcher, translator; former Associate Professor in natural science at Yanshan University, P. R. CHINA, and Visiting Associate Professor at Ohio State University, the United States......More

Mr. Joseph Marcello - Co-author

Mr. Joseph Marcello, a professional musician, composer and teacher, the winner of the 1998 national Delius Award in music composition. He has pursued the study and practice of the energy arts for over 35 years......More