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Life More Abundant - Comments

Life More Abundant - Marriage of Science and Energy Healing


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Ming Pang, Xiaoguang Jin and Joseph Marcello have just published "Life More Abundant the Science of Zhineng Qigong Principles and Practice (English Version)", their fascinating exploration of a revolutionary method in the practice of channeling human energy. Explain the stigmata as a miraculous event, or a bizarre physical occurrence - but no one can deny its very existence. So, too, with 'qigong' (pronounced 'chee-gong'), a Chinese method geared toward preserving health and healing illness. It heals in part by using the mind, not just medicines......

Press Release

Life More Abundant truly offers a Life More Abundant!


A 'Life More Abundant' may well be the fulfilling fruit of all who fully explore this text with deep intention.

It is, beyond any doubt, the first and only volume of its kind in the West: a pure and painfully accurate translation of the quintessential teachings of the founder of what may well be the world's most potent and promising path to the development and deployment of Human Life Energies - Zhineng Qigong, (The Cultivation of Intelligent Energy), created by Ming Pang......

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* Wisdom From the Source
A reader from Los Angeles, California April 7, 2000

I can't imagine a better book on this subject. If you want to learn about this form of healing "from the horse's mouth," this is the book that will provide everything you want to know, and more. Highly recommended.

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