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Life More Abundant - Excerpts

Preface by Prof. Pang


Ming Pang  May 1992, Qinhuangdao

In China, for over the course of more than a decade, earth-shaking changes have been taking place in the realm of chigong (Chigong, Qigong, Chikung), and an unprecedented opportunity has arisen in its historical evolution, manifesting in the following ways......


Joseph's Text


If one were to distill . . . Ming Pang's insights . . .into their purest essence, it might be this: The dynamic spiritualization of matter, and conversely, the dynamic materialization of spirit, effected through the conscious dilation of the human energy field unto the circumambient cosmic force-field within which it exists, re-establishing the heightened interchange of primordial unconditioned energy with conditioned human energy.

This comes eerily close to a palpable expression of Einstein's revelation of the reversibility of matter and energy . . .

Joseph's Text

Jane's Testimony


. . . I was extremely thin, weak and pale of face, and at a height of 5 feet, 7 inches weighed just over 85 pounds. I could only take liquid meals . . .I was too weak to get up . . . I was finally forced to give up writing my doctoral dissertation and I turned first to Western medicine; the bad news from the doctors . . .was that this disease was hard to cure . . .and might develop into stomach cancer. . .

Jane's Text

Prof. Pang's Text


. . . Through the practice of Zhineng Qigong, the weak become strong, the sick become healthy, and the old become young again. Millions of practitioners have obtained these benefits, and many modern medical experiments have also proven this...

Prof. Pang's Text