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Jane X. Jin, Ph.D, researcher, translator, educator, author of Life More Abundant. Jane started Zhineng Qigong practice in 1995. She attended various training programs including a Two-year Correspondence Certificate Program at the previous Hua Xia Zhineng Qigong Training Center in China.

Jane joined Master Liu’s web class in June 2006, and became his direct disciple during her 2006 Christmas Retreat in China. She visited Master Liu’s Retreat Home several times and stayed there for over 12 months. Master Liu has given her full authorization to promote Yuan Jue’s Wisdom Healing Series worldwide.

Jane always has a warm and sympathy heart for the English-speaking practitioners who seek genuine instructions and guidance from the Chinese Zhineng Qigong groups. Even though she stays at Master Liu’s Retreat Home most of the year in semi-seclusion, she gives lectures weekly to her web-training class and hosts an annual retreat.

In addition to the translation and publication of Life More Abundant, Jane is working on translating more of Prof. Pang and Master Liu’s teachings and lectures, which are distributed among the students who are enrolled in the Three-year Correspondence Certificate Program sponsored by Abundant Life Qigong Intelligence Center.

With abundant love and enthusiasm inherited from Master Liu, Jane is willing to share what she was taught with the sincere and humble seekers on the path towards perfect health and ultimate liberation.