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Life More Abundant - Mr. Marcello's Comments

Life More Abundant - Author Comments


October 28, 1999

Life More Abundant truly offers a Life More Abundant!

Joseph Marcello

A Life More Abundant may well be the fulfilling fruit of all who fully explore this text with deep intention.

It is, beyond any doubt, the first and only volume of its kind in the West: a pure and painfully accurate translation of the quintessential teachings of the founder of what may well be the world's most potent and promising path to the development and deployment of Human Life Energies - Zhineng Qigong, (The Cultivation of Intelligent Energy), created by Ming Pang.

The book's first major section, by Joseph Marcello, forms a vital bridge linking energy wisdoms of East and West, and forges parallel paths for the unification of the world's many traditional healing practices, culminating in a unity uniquely manifested in the synthesis of such diverse approaches in the contemporary Western world.

The book's almost incredible second section, by Ming Pang, is an eye-opening exposition on the laws and principles of Life Energy as bequeathed us by its earlier Buddhist, Taoist and traditional Chinese medical pioneers and practitioners illuminated by the light of contemporary Western science, leaving us with a evolutionary and inspiring sense of new understanding.

The very seminal third section of the volume is a hands on manual of practical instruction,with complete accompanying photographic illustrations, followed by verbatim transcriptions of Ming Pang's own recorded instructions on the major techniques and practices discussed. Further practice insights and subtleties are included by both Xiaoguang Jin and Joseph Marcello.

The fourth and final section, and of scarcely lesser importance, forms a virtual mini-encyclopedia of life-practices which palpably enhance the human energy field - from nutrition to magnetic healing to meditation, drawn from the most seminal sources now available, and augments one's chi practice in profound ways.

An additional bonus is the inclusion of the complete translation of Hakuin Zenji's inspired treatise on health and healing, 'Yasen Kanna', which is the perfect synthesis of Buddhist, Taoist and folk healing wisdoms.

A gift specifically designed for contemporary Western explorers which yet respects and reverences the integrity of its Eastern source-teachings, 'Life More Abundant - The Science of Zhineng Qigong' is offered as a resource which will hopefully enrich and inspire the lives of those who seek a 'Life More Abundant', This is the hope and prayer of its authors.