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Excerpts from Mr. Marcello's Text

Joseph's Text


If one were to distill . . . Ming Pang's insights . . .into their purest essence, it might be this: The dynamic spiritualization of matter, and conversely, the dynamic materialization of spirit, effected through the conscious dilation of the human energy field unto the circumambient cosmic force-field within which it exists, re-establishing the heightened interchange of primordial unconditioned energy with conditioned human energy.

This comes eerily close to a palpable expression of Einstein's revelation of the reversibility of matter and energy . . .

. . .(The chi-field) exists as a self-sustained field of intelligent energy which, having complete and innate access to the organic information of all conditions and beings within that field, can spontaneously and dynamically manifest in a restorative, healing 'wholing' manner without the express conscious direction of any particular individual associated with it, but rather by the synergy of the whole, just as, by force of gravity, floodwaters spontaneously seek to fill empty riverbeds.

. . .By imaginal exercise - super sensory concentration - the primal division between spirit and substance may be mended, and mankind and the universe restored to wholeness . . . .In so doing, the unbearable loneliness of human existence opens out upon the headwaters of the immutable aloneness of universal consciousness . . .