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Jane's Testimony

Jane's Testimony


. . . I was extremely thin, weak and pale of face, and at a height of 5 feet, 7 inches weighed just over 85 pounds. I could only take liquid meals . . .I was too weak to get up . . . I was finally forced to give up writing my doctoral dissertation and I turned first to Western medicine; the bad news from the doctors . . .was that this disease was hard to cure . . .and might develop into stomach cancer. . .

One Friday afternoon, I noticed the posting of a free group healing activity given by the Association of Zhineng Qigong Science . . . I heard a man's deep voice . . . ". . . it is now the time to change your fate and to bring a bright future and destiny to ourself . . . " I felt warm throughout my whole body, and a feeling of hope and gratitude arose from the depths of my heart. I was fascinated by that loving voice, and listened with rapt attention.

Suddenly, I saw a beam of red light within my head, and felt an unbearable pain in my stomach; I nearly fell down, and was helped up by a lady standing beside me. She was frightened by my pale, sweating face and two student practitioners . . .immediately emitted chi into my stomach . . . I was treated for the second time and I felt much better.

. . . My stomachaches vanished almost unconsciously, and I could sleep well. One month later, I resumed my work on my doctoral dissertation and obtained my doctoral degree in December 1995.