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Prof. Pang's Text

Prof. Pang's Text


. . . Through the practice of Zhineng Qigong, the weak become strong, the sick become healthy, and the old become young again. Millions of practitioners have obtained these benefits, and many modern medical experiments have also proven this. Practicing Zhineng Qigong can balance yin and yang, adjust and promote the circulation of chi and blood, clear and open the main and collateral chi channels, and cultivate the true chi, so that the quality of human life can be improved and enhanced . . .

Zhineng Qigong is a chigong of the open type. The practice procedure here is just the opposite of that of traditional chigongs. From the start, the internal physical chi is fused with the external chi of the natural world. The individual practitioner is unified with the greater environment, and forms an entirety with it. The powers of the man-nature-entirety and the self-others-unity are fully exploited for the purpose of attaining related accomplishment . . . . . .

Chi passes through the body from the outside to the inside. The aim is to cause chi to flow transversely, penetrating across the channels instead of moving along specific channels. In this way, both the main and collateral channels are linked together and unified, chi fills the whole body, and man finally becomes one with nature. . . .

Zhineng Qigong practice can cause the heart to function better, improve the macro- and micro-circulation of the blood, and have an anti-aging effect upon the nervous system. Through Zhineng Qigong practice. . . the brain's pituitary body . . . can be appropriately adjusted, the metabolic level of adrenaline declines, the growth hormone diminishes, and the concentration of cholesterol in the blood may be reduced.

There have also been further dramatic health benefits, such as the emergence of new teeth and the growth of new hair in the aged. . . . . .the secretion of sex hormones can be adjusted through chigong practice. . .the aging process of the persons in the chigong-group was obviously slower than that of those in the non-chigong group; there were also a small number of people who showed no signs of aging. . . . the normal life span for man is 125 to 175 years. . . .the goal of being healthy and living long can be attained.

Zhineng Qigong practice. . .can also stimulate the emergence of infinite wisdom and power. . ."reading with the ears", "seeing through the human body", "remote-vision", "remote-hearing", "remote mental-control", "mind-sensing" and telekinesis. Through chigong practice, these abilities can be awakened and mastered by ordinary people. . . .the practitioner can develop the ability to treat others by the Chi -Transmission Method. . . . the concealed spirituality of Zhineng Qigong may providentially reveal itself in . . . unlocking the shackles of separatism and enforced enclosure in the world of duality.. . .launching (mankind) into an awakening which takes in the shimmering totality of existence - cosmic consciousness.